Francesco and Mary Giambelli Foundation Joins Forza e Cuore Fundraiser

Francesco and Mary Giambelli Foundation Joins Forza e Cuore Fundraiser

07/04/2020 10:33


New York based nonprofit organization makes a €44,400 donation to 

the Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation


New York based Francesco and Mary Giambelli Foundation (the Giambelli Foundation) has joined the Forza e Cuore (Strength and Heart) Fundraiser with a total contribution of €44,400.

Established by Fiorentina President Rocco B. Commisso and his family, the Forza e Cuore campaign is providing financial support to Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation, who represent two metropolitan Florence hospitals in Italy on the frontlines of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) battle.  With the generous contributions from the Giambelli Foundation, the Forza e Cuore campaign has raised over €800,000 to date.

The Giambelli Foundation was established by famed New York City restauranteurs Francesco and Mary Giambelli, who pioneered high-end Italian cuisine for New Yorkers at the renowned Giambelli’s 50th.  Over their more than five decades in business, the Giambellis hosted countless distinguished guests, including a 1995 meal prepared for Pope John Paul II and 50 cardinals during the Holy Father’s visit to the United States.

“Our Foundation carries on the legacy of philanthropic giving that Francesco and Mary Giambelli established during their lifetimes,” said the organizations’s President, Angelo Vivolo. “The Coronavirus is attacking Italy and waging a war on the Italian culture and heritage the Giambelli Foundation fights to preserve.  We are proud to join Rocco Commisso and ACF Fiorentina in supporting the lifesaving efforts of health care facilities on the front lines.”

“Like me, Francesco and Mary Giambelli were immigrants who maintained a deep connection to their native Italy throughout their lifetimes,” said President Commisso.  “On behalf of the people of Florence and the entire Viola Family, I wish to thank the Giambelli Foundation that lives on in their name for this substantial contribution to the Forza e Cuore campaign.  I also want to make a special mention of Angelo Vivolo for his involvement in the donations of both the Giambelli Foundation and the Columbus Citizens Foundation, who together have given more to Italy than any other Italian-American charitable organization in this time of need.”

The Forza e Cuore campaign continues to take donations that will used to purchase lifesaving medical equipment and supplies for the two Florence hospitals. You can find information on how to donate on our website ( or by clicking on the following link:

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